Envia Shipping

Generate labels for local shipments, national shipments and international shipments with more than 25 packages available

We are the most complete logistics system for your business.
We have Domestic, International, Freight and Consolidated Cargo (LTL and FTL), Fulfillment and Import shipments.
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Domestic Shipping
Create domestic shipping labels with the most reliable couriers at the best price. Increase your company's productivity with Envia Shipping system.
Envia Airplane shipping solution
International Shipping
Ship your products to customers all around the world. Fast shipping and easy tracking solution for your clients.
Envia Shipping Shipping: Full and Less than a Truck Load
Ship Freight and Consolidated Cargo. Unmatched discounts with Envia.com.
Envia Shipping Envia Shipping Fulfillment
Sign up to our Fulfillment Center and let experts take care of your fulfillment process. You can send inventory to any of the Warehouses we have available. Stop worrying about Picking and Packing your orders, by integrating your online store to our Fulfillment Network.
Envia Shipping Shipping to Mexico
Ideal if you have an online store in the USA and want to ship to Mexico or if you have an online store in Mexico and want to import from the USA.